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Company Registration Singapore

Setting up a business in Singapore can be time consuming to meet with several requirements. Making a good start is half the battle won. With Prelude’s expertise behind you, you can be confident to charge ahead with your business strategies.More information on the types of business entity that can be registered as well as their respective requirements can be found here.

We cater to all your needs – our incorporation services range from basic essential services to highly customised concierge services. Our Basic package for your essential company incorporation includes –

• Constitution of the company

• Share certificates

• E-notice of company name• E-notice of incorporation

• ACRA company business profile document

• Minutes of first board meeting

• Dedicated incorporation specialist to address your queries

• Business start-up kit and reference materials

How To Set Up A Company In Singapore (Foreigners)

If you are a non-Singapore resident seeking to incorporate or register company in Singapore, do note the following –

  • Do not attempt to register on your own. Non-Singapore residents are prohibited from registering a company. Instead, seek help from a registered filing agent to handle the registration process
  • You require a EntrePass if you plan to operate your company locally

Documents Required For Incorporation In Singapore

Here is a list of the documents required to be submitted to ACRA for company registration in Singapore. Depending on the nature and residency of your business, you may be required to submit other documents not included in the list below –

  • Particulars of Directors, Shareholders and Company Secretary
  • List and brief description of business activities
  • Proposed name of company
  • Constitution of company
  • Registered address of company office
  • Singapore Residents must submit a copy of their Singapore identity card
  • Foreign Entrepreneurs must submit a copy of their passport and residential address proof (overseas)
  • Foreign Companies must submit Memorandum & Articles of Associations

Goods And Service Tax (GST) Registration

If the expected annual turnover of your new company is more than S$1 million, your company must register for GST.For your GST-registered company, you will need to charge the applicable GST rate (7%) to the consumers of your goods and services. And, the amount has to be remitted to the tax authorities. GST filing is a compliance requirement for all GST-registered businesses.More information on GST registration requirements can be found on IRAS page here.

How Long Is The Company Registration Process?

The time it takes for company registration in Singapore may be within a day. However it may take 14 days to 2 months if application needs to be referred to another government agency for approval as per the list of Referral Authorities.

Annual Filing And Income Tax Requirements

Prelude can assist you in your annual filing requirements and compliances as required in the Singapore Companies Act.For more details on this, please refer to Annual Filing Requirements for Singapore Companies.For more information on Prelude’s accounting services, click here.

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As we always advocate – “Planning ahead is the key to all success”. Be informed of the practical options and approaches available with Prelude’s Business Start-ups Seminar.

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