As a creative entrepreneur, financial and administrative matters were not my strengths – I dreaded it. Outsourcing was a natural option but I did not know that choosing the right partner could make such a difference. Prelude filled in my weaknesses and I can now truly call them a business partner. Plus, they are great to work with.

Debbie Chia – music and retail entrepreneur, Midnight Shift

Debbie is a DJ and also owner of multiple businesses in music and wellness retail. She began her companies hiring a secretarial and accounting service to fufill her ACRA obligations, but after the first year, things began to go awry. As her record label began to publish and distribute music internationally and its processes grew more complex, she soon realised that her current partner was unable to provide the personalised solutions that she needed. Not only was she missing her tax filing deadlines, her accounts were growing messier by the day.

Seeking consultation with Prelude, Debbie entered a whole new world in terms of service outsourcing. Her concerns were dealt with professionally and swiftly, and her seemingly complex processes ironed out without a hitch. She also found out that not all outsourcing services are the same – having a partner that cares can make a difference in your business success. She now entrusts Prelude fully, knowing that the team has her backend covered so that she can focus on pursuing her dreams in the frontline.

People are the key advantage in business. And as much as it pains me to share this, because I don’t want others to know, is that the people at Prelude have become my secret weapon.

Shaun Quek – founder & director of a fast-growing advertising agency, The Local
(now restructured to TMRW Pte. Ltd.)

As a relentless go-getter, it did not take very long for Shaun’s advertising agency to hit a blinding stride. Growing exponentially in billings and staff hires, the award-winning agency was soon growing too fast for the existing processes they had first set in place to keep up.

The agency found that they were unable to obtain timely business info for key decision making – such as expanding the office space or approving new hires. The lag time in billing and collection from vendors and clients also led to significant investment in working capital that could have been avoided.

Prelude was engaged by Shaun and swiftly went to work. The team quickly understood the business and took a pragmatic approach in formulating processes, while providing value-added advice on how they could take their business growth further. The team implemented billing, collection, purchasing and payment processes along with the relevant control procedures. This immediately resulted in better oversight and control over the business. Ultimately, the quicker billing of clients and faster collection meant there was no more reason for the agency to slow down its fast growth pace.


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